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LGC Prime
EPA Approved covid-19 cleaning company
Wellness Gum
New York's Oral/craniofacial and aesthetic surgery
New York's Oral/craniofacial and aesthetic surgery
APIRx Pharmaceuticals
Naturally-Extracted Cannabinoids

Our Process

At Aestherea, we take pride on our tested, vetted and refined process. This is what you can expect if you work with us on your web design project.

Initial Consultation

Our process begins with familiarizing ourselves with your professional goals and vision for your website. A quote will be sent to you soon after. 

Research & Analysis

After agreeing and signing the contract, we will conduct extensive research and analysis on your target market, niche, and competitors. This will guide us towards the procurement of your project.

Responsive Wireframing

This is where we begin to bring your ideas to life. We start with building the initial architecture of your design, ensuring that your website stands on a solid foundation across every device and browser.

Content Strategy

Once we have laid down the basic foundation for your website, we can begin to strategically envisage the direction of your content and placement of CTA’s. Of course keeping a focus on proper on-page SEO throughout.

UX/UI Design

Our team of UX design experts and front/back end developers will define and sculpt key elements and custom interactions that seamlessly combines all elements and brings your website to life. 

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