At PowerPlant CBD, they combine premium quality products and innovation to offer some of the best tested CBD available on the market. Curating a list of bioavailable products for 10x the absorption rate.




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The challenge

In the United States, only topical CBD products that have been certified by LegitScript can be promoted on Google. Certification will require that products sought to be advertised: (1) provide samples of their product to test for compliance with legal THC limits; and (2) provide LegitScript a third-party Certificate of Analysis.  All ads promoting other CBD-based products, including supplements, food additives, and inhalants, continue to be disallowed.


After years of research and development and using specialized equipment, Power Plant CBD has developed a patented pending process to encapsulate nano-sized CBD molecules into water molecule clusters. Our bodies are naturally mostly made of water. If you put something in your body that is not water soluble, your body has trouble absorbing it.

Through their nanotechnology process, the CBD is small enough to travel through your cell membranes. Your body absorbs water extremely fast, this is the transport system for getting CBD to the places in the body where it’s needed most.

Positioned for Success

Our team at Aestherea took on the challenge of delivering exceptional product design and website content creation. We also knew the challenge presented to us to manage their SEO under unfamiliar territory. Through hours of research and design, we offered the best in class consultations by professionals in the field and built out a marketing plan to help their brand push through near impossible ventures.  Speak to our creative experts today and see what we can do for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This depends on a number of factors. No two websites are exactly the same. On average, each web design project takes around 8-12 weeks. However, we have pushed rush projects out faster so speak to a team member to see what we can do for you today.

Our pricing depends on how large your site will be and the types of graphics and custom development we have to fabricate. The baseline for a simple website is $10,000 and it accrues from there.

We use WordPress as our content management system to build your website. Once we are are finished you will be able to utilize WordPress’s simple interface to edit and add content. We will make sure to walk through the editing process before handing off your design if you require, and if you have any questions afterwards you may feel free to contact us!
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